What are real chips in ace2three and how to buy real chips on Ace2three

Ace2three is one of the best rummy sites in India.

There are two types of chips in online rummy, fun chips and real chips. With fun chips you can just play practice games on Ae2three. Real chips are simply real money converted into chips. Real chips allow you to play real cash games on the ace2three app. The process to get real chips on ace2three rummy app is given below in the video.

How to buy real chips in ace2three, what are real chips in ace2three

It is extremely simple to add real chips to your account. Just go to ace2three app, Click on Buy chips, Select the number of chips you want to buy, Enter the ace2three bonus code, Choose the payment mode and pay the real money.

And that’s it. With the real chips, you can play any cash games you want on ace2three.

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