How to Play Rummy game In Telangana | STEP By STEP Tutorial | రమ్మీ ఆడండి ఎక్కడైనా in Telugu

Playing of all cash games online has been banned by telangana government. But, die hard rummy players in hyderabad and parts of telangana are not happy with the decision of the government. So, they found a way to play rummy for cash online on platforms like Rummynation, rummycircle, ultimate rummycirlce, ace2three, junglee rummy, classic rummy, Khelplay rummy, rummy culture etc.

Disclaimer: We don’t support or endrose this suggestion. Use this method at your own descrition.

how to play rummy in telangaga
how to play rummy in telangaga

How to play rummycircle in telangana?

Usually what rummy players in telenaga does is, they download an app to spoof their GPS location. So, players download apps such as Fake GPS location app from google play store, enable permission and change the location to where rummy game is actually allowed. Fake GPS app plays tore link:

Telangana players change the location to vijayawada, vizag, guntur or some place in andhra pradesh or tamilnadu or some place in india where playing rummy game for cash is allowed. The entire step to step process is explained in the video below:

In this youtube video, you’ll learn the following:

How to play Ace2three in telangana?

How to play Junglee rummy in telangana?

How to play classic rummy in telangana?

How to play rummy culture in telangana?

One more video to learn how to play cash rummy in telangana using a trick called fake GPS. The fake gps app will help you change the location from telangana to some other state or country where there is no ban on playing rummy for cash.

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P.S. Playing cash rummy in telangana is a legal offence and banned by telangana government through an ordinance. So, we suggest you follow the above steps on your own descrition and we are not responbile for anything.


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  1. I recommend you to add a brand which is missing the list ( Indigo rummy) which has been far more old player than above few websites in the rummy industry and the trick always work there.

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